Assumptions to avoid in a relationship

Relationships in modern times can face several challenges. With online dating services increasing in popularity it is easy to find a woman or man online. With more single women and men joining dating sites this could lead to extramarital affairs or infidelity in relationships. On the other hand, men and women in long-term relationships become so familiar with each other that tend to take each other for granted at times. This could also lead to making assumptions about certain issues and imagining them to be true. This can adversely affect any relationship because making assumptions without any basis for finding out the truth can destabilize any relationship.

Some of the assumptions to avoid when in a relationship include:

Assume your objectives are similar: When in a stable relationship it becomes easy for most partners to assume that they share the same objectives and goals in life. The fact is as humans we tend to differ in our views and just being a couple does not necessarily mean both share the same goals. It is always best to sit down and discuss each other objectives and make an effort to learn what each other desires from any situation. Try to respect your partner’s goals and do not pressurize them to conform to your own objectives. Therefore never make an assumption that both share the same objectives in everything.

Think that everything will always be great: All relationships go through phases of high and low. As humans, we have to accept these changes and evolve in a relationship as a couple. While it sounds tempting to assume that everything will always be perfect would be incorrect. We need to prepare for changes in the relationship so should be taken aback when we encounter anything unexpected along the way as a couple. Learn to be prepared to handle all situations and while thinking positive is great, never assume only positive will happen in life.

Imagine you know your partner’s thoughts: While you may be well versed with each other’s ways it would be naïve to think you can read each other’s minds in every situation. Imagining you know how your partner will feel about an issue could only lead to getting disappointed. Rather than making assumptions based on knowing each other, discuss and listen to their views when any situation arises. 

Complement one another: Another very unrealistic view is that as a couple you’ll perfectly complement each other. While both of you might be confidantes and support one another, there are other people that we need in our professional and personal lives as well. These could be in the form of colleagues, relatives, or family members. When you are satisfied with yourself you will be content with another person, without the need for anyone to make your life complete.

Feel no need to discuss each other’s physical needs: While fulfilling one’s emotional and personal needs is important we must not assume there is no need to discuss each other’s physical needs. Never assume your partner is satisfied and ask them about their sexual needs. Mutually discussing each other’s physical needs will lead to a more satisfying relationship.

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