Red flags to look for in dating profiles

Congratulations, if you plan to find a prospective partner using an online dating service. Online dating is extremely popular with a growing number of single women looking for love online. Once you become a member of a top-notch online dating site and you are ready to look for a prospective partner, there are certain things to watch out for.  After you decide on the potential match you have to be wary of certain aspects. If the guy’s profile seems to be too good to be true. Does he seem to be the perfect man without any flaws whatsoever? If any lingering suspicions arise in your mind you need to double-check the profile for things that do not seem just right. Some of the main aspects to look out for in a profile of a potential match that does not seem to add up include:   

Perfect photographs: When you find each and every photograph on the profile that looks immaculate, with no regular photos you need to proceed with caution. Also if every photograph has him single in them and looking like a Greek God always, it could be too good to be true. If he is a professional model it can be understood, however, it is better to err on the side of caution. It could possibly be fake photographs of another person being used on the profile to attract partners.

Shady objectives: When you check a guy’s profile and find statements like “I am on the lookout for a hot woman to have fun” written as their objective, it is better you move on unless you are willing to only have fun and comfortable in a non-committed relationship. The statement clearly indicates he is not interested in settling down and having a steady relationship and only looking for sex in a relationship. While it may not be clearly stated so you need to read between the lines.

Having a sexist attitude: While the profile might come across as him being the perfect gentleman, you need to look more carefully at content and photos for other clues. If in photographs or through statements he indirectly shows an attitude of being superior and sexist with women being sidelined, you better move on. Many guys make disparaging remarks about women in comments or display chauvinism in their profiles. Such a person will definitely not be a great partner to date.

Check the professional status: One key area to look at carefully is the work profile. While not all are comfortable about talking about their professional accomplishments, here should at least be a mention of what he does professionally. If the work profile has nothing mentioned something is definitely not right. It is best to skip dating such a bloke that does not seem to be professionally engaged.

Claims to be a party freak: Unless you are yourself a party animal this is definitely not the best guy to date. If he claims that partying is his hobby with nothing else you need to rethink dating this guy!

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