Signs she has moved on

With online dating increasing in popularity and pressures of a modern lifestyle more and more relationships are going south. Finding single women or men at an online dating site has made it easy for people to step out of committed relationships and look for new partners. From couples that are having extramarital affairs to women and men looking for married hookups, there are plenty of reasons why relationships are breaking up all across the world. Some of the tell-tale signs that your woman is ignoring you are as follows:  

The relationship has lost its fizz: Sharing strong chemistry is vital to any relationship. When it fizzes out for whatever reason it could mean the end of a relationship. For guys, this can come as a bolt from the blue, but when she is giving you the short shrift and not responding as enthusiastically as she used to something is wrong. A woman as a norm loves both mentally and physically and if at any point she feels that connection is longer there, she is bound to move on.

Wants commitment: This is a stage that comes after a few months or years or more of being in a relationship. Women that are looking for commitment in a relationship will expect their partner to make a commitment at some point. If the guy is commitment-phobic and never discusses the subject of marriage she could decide to call it quits. Other reasons a woman might ditch a partner are because of a lack of financial stability or emotional and physical compatibility. It is not something to take personally as people’s needs are different.

She has found someone else: Probably one of the most difficult things for a man to accept is that he is replaced by another man. It tends to hurt the ego of men and they take it very personally. The fact is it is better she walked out in the early stages of the relationship rather than later. If she is not happy with you, take it in your stride and move on. While initially, it might pinch with time the hurt will heal and you can get on with your life and look for someone new.

Unsure of the relationship: There are times when even women are not too keen to commit to a relationship. They develop anxiety and are nervous to move to the next stage of the relationship. While men are generally commitment-phobic, women also can have the same fear. If she mentions this there is no sense in trying to push, respect her views, and do not pressurize her. Give her space and time and if she feels like taking a break, give her a cooling-off period to reassess the relationship.

Unhappy about something: Women can be very touchy about the slightest of issues, while men, on the other hand, do not really realize they may have hurt or upset their partner by something they said or did. This will manifest itself in her being cold and reserved and not reciprocating your feelings.  In such a scenario it is best to sit down and discuss the issues and sort them out, if possible.

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