Tips to meet women

If you have newly moved into town or are just not the very confident type one of the biggest challenges that most men face is breaking the ice with women or girls they do not know. While it is easier to develop a rapport through online dating by joining an online dating service, it is a different ball game in offline dating. While some women may be okay with the idea of a guy walking up to them and introducing himself, most women would not be at ease to begin a conversation with a total stranger. That can pose a dilemma for a guy that is interested in a girl but is struggling to find ways to get an introduction. As with most things, there are ways by which you could get introduced and gradually develop a rapport with her over time. Some of the ways by which you could get an introduction to the girls or women you are interested in include:  

At bars and clubs: While this is the obvious place to look for women and get introduced these might not always be the most appropriate options. Clubs or social events where liquor is flowing freely and half of the crowd is drunk are not exactly the best places to approach a total stranger. Women tend to be extra on their guard at these venues, so the chances of succeeding are less. However, if the woman shows signs she is interested in getting to know you it is worth making the attempt.

Find common ground: Signing up for classes, a workshop or seminar, etc. are great options to meet plenty of new girls and women. Since most people at these venues are not known to each other, girls are okay with having guys walking up and introducing themselves. It appears more natural and making an introduction is always easier. Besides sharing the same common interest does definitely help in developing a rapport more easily. There is common ground to talk about and discuss that provides a platform to socialize in a more relaxed environment.

Through mutual friends: One of the easiest ways to meet new girls or women is to get introduced through common friends. This works well as the girl you are getting introduced to will be comfortable meeting someone through a known individual. Girls tend to be more at ease when they meet people through acquaintances or friends because of the familiarity factor. So, if you have friends or even relatives asking them to introduce you to their female friends will definitely be a good idea.

Join a dating event: The very purpose of men and women attending these events is to find a prospective partner and if things click to begin dating them. From speed dating to various dating events, there are plenty of places to visit and join. These are the best places where women are perfectly fine with having guys come up to them and strike up a conversation. The chances of successfully meeting a partner and beginning a relationship are very high at these events.

Having a pet: As corny as it may sound if you are a pet lover the chances of getting to meet and know people are quite good. Taking your pooch along to the park or a dog show will offer an opportunity to get introduced to other pet owners. While your pet will enjoy the company of his furry friends, you will also get an opportunity to socialize and make new friends. Walking up and talking to a girl that owns a dog at such an event becomes quite easy as both of you share the same passion for pets.

Take up a social cause: Women admire men that are strong and have a passion for social causes. Whether it is the environment or serving the elderly, there are plenty of places you could volunteer and get a chance to socialize and meet new men and women. Sharing the same passion for helping others or protecting the environment helps to break the ice more easily and bond. This will open up a wealth of opportunities to meet and make the acquaintance of plenty of new people including many women and girls.

While these are just some of the ways by which to get to approach a girl, one of the most important factors is to first study her body language and see if she would be comfortable with having you start talking to her. While the direct approach in certain social situations works well, it is best to see the situation and judge whether she should be approached at that particular time. Even, when you do walk up and exchange pleasantries, keep the conversation light-hearted and do not try to over- impress her. Just strike a general conversation and gauge her response. Do not tell her how beautiful she is or how lucky you are to meet her etc. Being wimpy will definitely not help to score any brownie points!

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