Why Do Straight Men Want Nothing to Do With Women?

Straight men or heterosexual men on a dating site want respect without being under the control of a woman in the house. Feminism has led women to ask more than women’s rights and women’s empowerment. This has ripped them off their masculinity and now an organization “Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)” has been created which fights for men. There are many reasons why such a movement has occurred. Following are some of the reasons or cliche that have brought up the issues:

  1. Some women may destroy men’s masculinity deeply by asking them to leave their favorite things. Such jobs like making appointments and painting nails have stripped off the masculinity. Being in a relationship has made many men feel like they do not have the freedom and led men to join MGTOW.
  2. Men have to apologize to women even when it is not their mistake. This makes them think like men cannot have an opinion in the relationship and end up being losers. If a woman thinks that she is always right. That is definitely wrong and is another reason for straight men not wanting to do anything with women.
  3. The society has seen men as emotionally strong beings who need to take care of the family financially and be a good husband and a good father. Nobody thinks about the man in general, what he wants and what his wishes are. It is very difficult to oppose the preconceived notions of the society and you have to surrender to them. You can find a woman online at the dating service who actually understand a man and not how society portrays them.
  4. Men need to have a particular outlook like being strong, not cry, be financially strong and control their wife or when meeting single women online. If the man lacks one of these, they are not manly enough. Men whom you find via online dating or otherwise can be different. Not everyone is strong, some are emotional and sentimental. MGTOW raises another very important issue to eject all generalized perceptions.

MGTOW Principles

MGTOW is a growing organization fighting for men’s sovereignty and not giving priority to women in the relationship. Following are the principles of MGTOW members:

  1. Men should make their own decisions and the woman should not affect it if it does not affect her,
  2. Not apologizing to women in a relationship when it is not your fault,
  3. Refusing the society’s notions and methods and doing what you like to do instead of being controlled the woman of your life,
  4. Living according to his terms and best interests of his own,

In conclusion, if you want to meet your partner at the online dating site and start a family, just remember, you are not the only one responsible for the family and kids, and financial stability. Just remember, you do not have to conquer the world with your masculinity or femininity, be yourself and have fun.

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